First State Mini Club

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New for 2017  Four Workshops on Saturday, March 25th, 2017

1)  Sue Ann Ketchum will offer a full-day class to teach modeling techniques for making pastries, to include embellishments, color-washes, stains, and glazes to make the items realistic.  The class will be using soft air-dry clay to form the baked goods. Everything shown in the picture will be included, specifically the pans, platters, doilies, two pieces of cranberry glass from England, and the rack itself.  This project is one-inch scale.

The class is scheduled from 8:00 AM until 4 PM, with a lunch break to be arranged.

The cost is $130.  Please send in the application form and your check as soon as possible, as there is a limit of 15 participants.

2)  Sue Ann Thwaite (Ladybug) is offering a half-day class teaching landscape scene techniques. These will include trees, flowers, and a water feature.  The scale and final design of your project will be up to you, as Sue Ann will explain how the different elements can be used in different scales. Sue Ann points out that the items you make could be used in your own scenes or houses as you wish.

This class is scheduled from 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM, with a lunch break.

The cost is $75.  The class size is limited to 12.

3)  Ron Stetkewicz will be teaching soldering and welding techniques, resulting in a beautiful, detailed brass fireplace tool set in one-inch scale.

This class will be held in the afternoon of Saturday the 25th, 12:30-4:30.

Registrants are asked to bring a face mask, eye protection, a hand-held rotary tool (like a Dremel), and a hand-held torch if you own one.

The class size is limited to 6.

Cost is $100.  


4)  This 4-hour class taught by Yvonne Ayoroa will also be held in the afternoon of the 25th.  Attendees will finish a small, cozy house in the popular quarter-inch scale.  Attendees will install wallpaper and flooring for the house, and then will then assemble the house which comes prepainted (blue, yellow or white). Please specify your preferred color at least one week before the Workshop. The evergreens around the house give it a homey atmosphere. You will enjoy the lighting for both upstairs and downstairs that you have learned to install during the class.

You will be learning the following techniques: 1) Use of wood filigree to create the Victorian Style Effect. 2) Installing wallpaper and flooring. 3) Assembly of the pre-painted house. 4) Finishing the stairs going from the first to the second floor. 5) Installing grass, bushes and a tree in the yard. 6) Installing stone steps in front of the house.

Skills needed: Applying paint. Use of glue. Use of jigs to support assembly of walls and floors. Bring a standard miniaturist toolbox.

Class size is limited to 10. Schedule:  12:30-4:30 PM.  Cost, which will include everything needed to complete the project, is $145.